Antar "TeK S Neo" Brown





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My name is Antar but my handle is TeK S NeO from Bushwick, Brooklyn, NYC and now living in Charlotte, NC for about 14 years now at the age of 38 with SF6 dropping on my birthday this year at age 39. I grew up always loving competition in video games because I felt I had the”TeK” For knowing how to beatgames that used strategy but always felt dominant in fighting games in my hometown area that consist of Street Fighter 2, Mortal Kombat, Tekken, Soul Calibur, X-men COTA, Marvel Super Heroes and many more. It all started with me at the age of 8 when I was overjoyed with excitement about playing against friends and strangers and seeing them upset that made me think I must be doing something right and must be good at the games I’ve played in my area. I would go to multiple shops around Brooklyn and Queens and some Manhattan spots just to test my ability and would beat a lot individuals but I always wanted to take it to the next level. In my late teenage years, I would here about Chinatown Fair but never knew where it was since Internet wasn’t a thing back then so I had to rely on word of mouth. No one I asked seemed to know and I heard it was crazy competition out there so I gave up. I was later introduced by my best friend about NYClan and it was a great place to be. Brian and Kia were the owners and they loved me. I even had my own personal chair by the window where you can see who is entering the building or exiting. No one could sit there but me lol but true story. 

I started playing this one game, however called Gears Of War and a stranger named Joe later to be known as Fatalstryke which is the homie now and forever put me on to competing in Gears since he felt I had potential so I gave it a try. Back in ’08 of MLG Orlando, I placed top 16, with is semi pro for my second big tournament and it was my breakout moment because sorry to say that I literally “carried” My team with 10 plus kills per map off host throughout AM bracket and that is not easy to do since I had to clutch a lot of 1v3’s and 1v4’s to stay in the game. I was hungry that event and popped off like no other.

Later down the line, I started to play with other teams and get drafted to other teams to helping the community get better by having open lobbies and showing people how to wall bounce and other strategic maneuvers around the map to be as good as pros. My highest placing was 9th which was one away from pro status but people treated me like an pro and I will never forget that. I stopped playing GOW competitively in 2012 and switched to SF but wasn’t sure I was ready for competition because I never found those legends to play against to feel I needed to level myself up and get the help I needed. With that being said, I skipped out on events in SF4 and waited until SF5 2nd season and just trained myself instead. One thing I did was play ranked for 6 months and stopped because I don’t let ram define me as a player and my skill level. The tournament is what matters most and I have the experience. 

So I attended a big event which was The Fall Classic in 2017 and went 2-2 my first try. I tried at the same event in 2018 and got 3rd place going 8-2. I was proud of my accomplishment so I started going to more events afterwards just to keep leveling up because I’ve noticed that I’m more of a loner warrior and will figure things out as I go whether I starting on the Whooping bracket or the Learner’s bracket, I’m going to get the experience I need match by match to understand how the player plays on the fly. Very dangerous tactic and I don’t recommend it to everyone but this is my way of understanding my opponent. My training regimen has always been to play casual matches after being in the lab to ensure I put what I’ve learned into perspective in a match and see how it works. So far I’m making good progress because here I am with a great team and sponsor called Strike First Gaming !