Adnan "Adam Yuki" Rana

        Multiple time EVO World Video Game Championships Medalist 
          TOP 3 - 2nd Place in VIRTUA FIGHTER 5 at TEXAS SHOWDOWN 2022
                      VIRTUA FIGHTER 5 Community Leader & Moderator
I've been into video games since the mid-80s but the original Street Fighter 2 made me into a fighting game addict. I was a competitive SF2 and Samurai Showdown player in my local scene (NYC) during the mid-90s. When Sega released Virtua Fighter, it won me over with its smooth animation and distinct visual style, and I never looked back. Virtua Fighter has carved a special place into my heart and mind since then; not a day goes by where it doesn't cross my mind. That's almost 25 years! Sad! I have become a seminal part 😉� of the American VF community, helping to establish and run some of the most well-known VF events, one of which (New York Gathering) has become a yearly VF tradition (thanks to some dedicated VF lovers over in NYC who keep it going). I represented the U.S. in the World Cyber Games' VF Grand Finals held in Germany and took 3rd place there. I've fostered some very special relationships within the international VF scene (some of which have become true friendships).
When I'm not being a loving husband to the missus and daddy to our feisty Pomeranian Gizmo, I'm either working 9-5 in the educational technology industry or playing VF competitively. I'm honored that Team StrikeFirst has asked me to join them as a VF representative. It was a no-brainer since the team culture they've fostered is one of family, fun, and fashion. Oh, and they really dig VF.
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